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Collaborative Law Services That Let You Shape the Outcome

When most of us picture a legal dispute, we envision a dramatic courtroom battle. However, most disagreements can be addressed and resolved long before the need for a court appearance arises. Whether you are just starting to explore your divorce options or you need help navigating a family law dispute involving child custody, visitation rights, or another matter, the seasoned and caring attorneys at Allen | Fischer PLLC are here to help. We practice collaborative law, which offers a more amicable approach to resolving family law issues and empowers both parties to take an active role in shaping the outcome.

The Benefits of Collaborative Law

Taking legal disputes to court takes considerable time and money. If the parties are able to work together to resolve their dispute outside the courtroom, collaborative law can help them achieve this goal. Our experienced collaborative attorneys are committed to providing a safe, peaceful, and respectful process for both parties to work through their differences. By focusing on a common goal and viewing the issues as mutual problems to be solved, you and the other party can move toward—and even influence—the outcome. Those who participate in a collaborative approach not only save time and money but also tend to report feeling more satisfied with the resolution.

What to Expect From the Collaborative Divorce Process

If you and your spouse are interested in pursuing a less contentious divorce, a collaborative approach may be right for you. You will likely work with a divorce “team,” which may include two collaborative attorneys (one representing each spouse), a financial specialist, a child specialist, or another professional who can help you navigate difficult decisions and conversations. As your collaborative attorney, we will work with you to articulate your goals and help you work through each aspect of your divorce with your spouse, giving you tools and strategies to resolve any obstacles or issues that arise during the negotiation process. We invite you to think of us as your coach—we will be there to guide you and offer you words of encouragement as we lay the foundation for a bright post-divorce future.

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Our collaborative law services offer a more amicable approach to resolving family law issues and empower both parties to take an active role in shaping the outcome. Call us today to learn more.